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Risk Attitudes

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  • Identify your personal type in Jung Typology Test
  • Are you compatible with your mate? Looking for a perfect dating partner? Need good and stable relationships? The answer is Jung Marriage Test
  • Starting up or running a small business? Determine what kind of businesses and franchises are most favorable for you by Small Business Entrepreneur Profiler
  • Why troubles stick to you? Can you control the fortune? How to succeed from optimal realization of your risk type. You’ll find the answers in Risk Attitudes Profiler
    Risk profiles of famous personalities
  • Are you a person with a clear, distinct vision of the future ? Are you able to foresee it? Discover how visionary you are by Visionary Test
  • Do you actively struggle for your rights and defend your views and opinions or tend to give up defending your rights and comply with the rules imposed on you ? Discover how assertive you are and learn how to assert yourself by Assertiveness Test
  • Are you a person with high moral standards, or do you change your principles frequently, according to circumstances? Discover how moral you are by Morals Test
  • We intentionally or unconsciously try to follow our role model’s behavior, although often our relevant traits do not reasonably match those of our role model. For this reason it is more advantageous to choose as a role model personalities whose traits are similar to ours. Role Model Profiler
  • Don’t know whom to vote at the elections? Do you need more objective assessment of candidate’s performance? Political Performance Indicator will help you.

Jung Typology Test
According to the Jung – Myers-Briggs typology all people can be classified using four criteria:
Extroversion – Introversion   Sensing – Intuition
Thinking – Feeling                 Judging – Perceiving

Different combinations of the criteria determine a type. For example:
ISTJ   –  Introvert Sensing Thinking Judging
You will obtain your type formula, strength of the preferences and type description as a result of the Jung Typology Test. It may help you to identify your general life style and your style in certain fields of activity.
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Jung Marriage Test

Good and stable relationships between partners are conducive to happy marriage. We often don’t know what is the reason of our conflicts. Identification of relationships between mates is one of the main problems in matchmaking. Marriage test challenges these problems.
According to the Jung – Myers-Briggs typology all people can be classified using four criteria:
Extraversion – Introversion
Sensing – Intuition
Thinking – Feeling
Judging – Perceiving

A type formula of the person is denoted by the combination of criteria. For example:
   ENFP  –  Extravert INtuitive Feeling Perceiving
There may be sixteen types. Once you know the type formula and strength of the preferences for each mate in a matching couple, it is possible to calculate the index of informational compatibility (IC) between the partners. IC is of a such great importance that, practically, its role is a decisive one in the partners’ relationships.
A high IC ensures good and stable long-term relations. If the partners’ IC is low, then in the vast majority of cases the relationships are subject to conflict.
You will discover matching indices for your particular couple and proposals on the optimal behavior as a result of the test.
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Entrepreneurial Profiles in Small Business
One of the most important factors determining the success of a small business is the right choice of line of business corresponding to your business profile or type. We distinguish seven basic business types: business leader, manager, craftsman etc.
It is of great importance to know your own business type because in the event of incorrect orientation you risk losing your business, together with all the money and efforts invested, as well as your confidence in your abilities.
As a result of the test you will obtain your business type description, its strong and weak points, an indication of the business types that are the most favorable for partnership with you and a list of the most typical successful businesses for your profile which were started individually and in partnership. A listing of some franchises favorable for your profile will be presented as well.
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Risk Attitudes Profiler
There are some people whose aim is to reach stability, order and safety in their life. The others, on the contrary, have an unconscious drive to a dynamic life, keen excitements, risk-taking. These needs and inclinations may be stirred from one’s consciousness. The reason for many life troubles and lost fortunes is the incompatibility between the risky qualities of a person and his/her lifestyle, what occupation he/she chooses, what are the objectives and how they are realized.
It is of great importance to know your own risk-type and a risk balance because in the case of incorrect orientation you feel emotional discomfort, may experience failures in a career or in a business as well as troubles in private life and loss of your confidence in your abilities.
As a result of the test you will obtain your risk balance indices, description of your risk type, its strong and weak points, ways of personal growth and strategy to success.
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