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Quiz! Who's Your Valentine's Jock Crush?

Take Kidzworld's free online Valentine's Sports Quiz.

Is your dream boy a cutie with a nice racket and a beautiful backhand? Or are you looking for a hot skater boy who'll kickflip his way into your heart. Kidzworld wants to find out which male athlete would be most suitable to be your Valentine.

Would your ideal date be an afternoon of riding rails with Ryan Sheckler? Or are you be better suited for serving up some love on the court with tennis star Andy Roddick? We can't guarantee that we'll be able to hook you up with any of these fabulously fine athletes - but we'll do our best to see if you'd make a good match. It's time to find out which athlete is your Valentine's Dream Boy by taking Kidzworld's Who's Your Valentine's Jock Crush Quiz!

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