By Jessica Cavagnero

Remember wishing that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears would disappear? Well, your wish may soon come true. A new generation of teen stars (and early 20-somethings) have moved into the house that Brit built and, boy, are they ready to renovate. They sing, act and even write their own music. Think you can name the newest players of the fame game? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Which songbird was handpicked by rock legend Carlos Santana to sing his hit single “The Game of Love”?
    • Avril Lavigne
    • Michelle Branch
    • Mandy Moore
    • Christina Aguilera
  1. Which cooing cutie cowrote the hit single “Play” with J.Lo before collaborating with Ja Rule in the booty-shaking hit “Between Me and You”?
    • Mya
    • Ashanti
    • Christina Milian
    • Monica
  1. Which young star was voted Favorite Movie Actress for the 2003 Kids Choice Awards?
    • Hilary Duff
    • Mandy Moore
    • Sarah Michelle Gellar
    • Amanda Bynes

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