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Playing Matchmaker for American Idol's Paula Abdul

Poor Paula Abdul. The twice-divorced American Idol judge is having a hard time finding a man. Paula's love life is in such a sad state, she agreed to get help from Dr. Phil on his Valentine's Day primetime special "Love Smart." On the show that airs Tuesday night on CBS, Paula will talk with Dr. Phil about the problems she has been experiencing with men, and she will let the talk show host observe her when she is out on a blind date.

Before Dr. Phil gets a chance to sound off on Paula's love life, tell me what you think about Paula's search for the perfect man.

What kind of guy should Paula Abdul date? Click answer to vote.
  • A hot Hollywood bachelor like Jamie Foxx.
  • A younger man. Someone like Justin Timberlake.
  • A TV mogul like Survivor producer Mark Burnett.
  • Someone who isn't in the entertainment business.
  • Simon Cowell!
  • Photo courtesy of CBS.
    Monday February 13, 2006 | comments (0)

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