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It may be best to treat the idea of astrological matchmaking with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Whilst dating on the internet is a great way of discovering someone you’d be unlikely to meet another way, as it seems like just about everyone is looking for love online it gets more and more difficult to know who’d be right for you and who wouldn’t.

A photograph and a paragraph might lead to you thinking someone’s attractive, but how can you tell if you could be right for each other in the long-term?

However, it’s invariably the case that our hormones take over and we’re convinced that we’ve got masses in common with someone when, in all honesty, we’re not really that compatible.

This is the reason Cybersuitors has worked for 3 years, and invested a substantial sum into reasearch, in order to develop a psychological test that is a rock solid means of showing how well two people will get on. It makes this the place for astrological matchmaking.


When you’ve decided to take the Cybersuitors CQ (Compatibility Quotient) Test, you’ve got a lifetime’s experience of leading psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson PhD acting on your behalf.

His test’s questions discover how alike you and someone else are, and psychologists are certain that the most satisfied couples are people who have a great deal in common.

It’s not possible to predict whether the chemistry is likely to be right. No test can do that. If you don’t like the look or sound of someone, there’s no possibility thet you’ll get in touch in the first place. But research published recently concludes that the couples who express happiness with their marriages are the ones whose CQ scores are high.

It’s true therefore that the CQ Test is the ideal choice when the time’s come to find your partner online.

*The spot for astrological matchmaking.