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Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Matchmaker
Starting a Matchmaking Service
Starting a Dating Service

What exactly is a match made in heaven? Does it even exist? 

In today’s society, there is so much pressure to get married and live out “the perfect life” (in other words, have a nice home, a lucrative job, and a picture perfect family). And this pressure falls equally on men and women.  

Naturally, there is a huge demand for anything that can help them get a date (in light of getting that “picture perfect family”). Here is where a professional matchmaker plays his or her important role.

In countries where young people tend to focus on their careers instead of starting a family, such as in Singapore and Japan, matchmaking business is, naturally, in high demand and considered a noble profession. In the United States and other “busy” western countries where “time is money,” dating services (both face-to-face and online) are a part of “pop culture” that have been receiving wide appeal and approvals.

If you enjoy being around people and consider yourself a good judge of character, you have got what it takes to be a professional matchmaker. No other experience is necessary, since all the other skills can be learned quite easily with the right resources.

In this eGuide, you will find information on:

  • Preparing your skills as a matchmaker (There is a “Harvard” school for matchmaking, which will prepare you for this career.)

  • Distinguish your business by positioning it smartly and wisely

  • How to approach your matchmaking style

  • How to price your services

  • Why working closely with competitors might be favorable

  • How to get more clients by joining a matchmaking network

  • How to start an online dating site

As a professional matchmaker, you can target any of these niche markets:

Straight men/women
Gays and lesbians
Affluent men/women
Executive men/women
College educated men/women
Ivy League educated men/women
Men/women with certain hobbies
50+ men/women
Quick daters
Slow daters
Techie daters
Online daters
Traveling daters

In a nutshell, if you have the drive to succeed and good with people, you’re very likely to succeed in this career. Of course, as the owner of a matchmaking service you’d need more than plain drive and people skills. Entrepreneurship, coaching and “partying” skills will also determine your success, but those skills can be easily learned.

As a matchmaker, you can enjoy:

  • The recognition in being a “cupid”

  • The recognition in having a “unique profession”

  • Enjoy high income potential (some very successful matchmakers earn anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000+ annually)

Do you know?

  • In 2003, there were 104 million adult singles in the United States 

  • 75% of adult singles in the U.S. are “seriously” looking for true love and a life-long mate

  • More than 45 million people logged on to dating sites

  • There is only a 17% chance of getting along with someone on a date that a friend has set up

  • From 1999 to 2003, the matchmaking/dating industry rose by 300%

  • On average, men spend around $2,450 on dates each year

  • On average, $40 billion is spent on weddings in the United States each year

About the Authors

Jennie S. Bev is THE fashion, image and fun careers expert, whose reputation has been acknowledged by prestigious media internationally. She has been profiled and mentioned in Entrepreneur, Teen People, Canadian Business, Home Business, Dong (France), San Francisco Chronicle, The Independent, Daily Southtown, The Arizona Republic, Femina (Asia) and Dewi (Asia).

Editor-in-Chief Jennie S. Bev was named 2003 EPPIE Award finalist in Non-Fiction How To category for excellence in electronic publishing. She has published over 40 books and 900 articles in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Southeast Asia. She is also a college professor based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Co-author Valeria W. Barber is an award winning author who has been published in over 150 magazines, newspapers, and anthologies including The Noe Valley Voice, Regeneration, and SF Bay Guardian. She provides web content and informative articles for a variety of businesses and web sites on every topic, as well as transcription and editing services through her business, The T.E.A. Service. She was awarded Notable Story of 2004 by the Million Writers Award and holds an MFA in Writing.

This 66-page instantly downloadable eGuide Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Professional Matchmaker brings you valuable insider tips, advice and suggestions not available elsewhere to help you embark on this highly lucrative career path. 


The Myths, the Realities and the Basics
Myths and Realities
Luck Does Not Equal Love
Betting on Love
Responsibility is Sexy
Is There Such a Thing as a One and Only?
No Experience Necessary
No Need for a Huge Circle of Friends
No Obligation to Work Alone

Advantages of Being a Professional Matchmaker
Matchmaking is a Social Career
Matchmakers Socialize with Others
Matchmakers Play Well with Others
Matchmakers Make Friends with Competitors
Matchmaking is an Assertive Career
Matchmaking is a Stimulating Career
Matchmaking is a Flexible Career
Matchmaking is a Positive Career
Matchmaking is a Legitimate Career

A Brief History of Matchmaking
First Comes Marriage, then Comes Love
What Exactly is An “Arranged Marriage”?
Why are There “Arranged Marriages”?
Where are These “Arranged Marriages”?
Do “Arranged Marriages” Still Occur Today?
Is An “Arranged Marriage” Ethical?
Are There Advantages to An “Arranged Marriage”?
What are “Mail-Order Brides”?
What is A “Forced Marriage”?
What are “Child Brides”?
How Has Matchmaking Changed?
Getting Ready for the Big Break
Dating/Matchmaking Industry in a Nutshell
Trade Statistics
Recession Proof: Love is Here to Stay
The Positive Side of Divorce
A Marketer’s Dream Come True
The Wedding Industry
In the Media
Ins and Outs of Matchmaking
How Matchmaking Works
Psychology of Dating
Matchmaking Approaches
Compatibility Approach
High-End Approach
Emotional Approach
Niche Approach
Trends of Dating
Speed Dating
Video Dating
Double or Group Dating
Traits and Skills of a Professional Matchmaker
Be Determined to Succeed
Be a Good Judge of Character
Be Tactful
Be a Sympathetic Coach
Be a Friendly Salesperson
Be a Party Planner 
Training to Become a Matchmaker
The “Harvard” of Matchmaking Industry
How Do You Apply?
How Much Does the Certification Program Cost?
What are the Benefits of Joining the Matchmaking Network?
Getting Listed
Other Programs and Seminars
Reference Books on Relationships and Matchmaking
Career Game Plan
Branding Your Services
Promotion, Promotion and Promotion
Age of the Internet (A Valuable Marketing Tool)
The Ethics of Matchmaking
Dos and Don’ts of Matchmaking.
Income Potential

Starting an Online Dating Site
Statistics of the Online Dating Industry
Create an eBusiness Plan
eBusiness Etiquette
Dos and Don’ts of eBusiness

Setting Up Your Matchmaking Website
The Look
Dating Site Software
Success Stories

This eGuide literally saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent on professional workshops and training and hundreds of hours of research. It will help you break into the career of your dream faster without having to repeat the same mistakes that most newcomers do.

This eGuide comes with resources on:

  • Networking organizations

  • How to set up dating service online

  • How to position your dating/matchmaking service in the market

  • Books and references on matchmaking (strategies and tips)

You can have this exclusive eGuide right away by instant download for only $45.95, which you will earn many times over with your first paid job. This special low discount price is reserved for today, Thursday, November 09, 2006 only. (Regular price: $65.95)

Breaking Into and Succeeding
as a Professional Matchmaker

66 Pages
Regular Price: $65.95
Sale Price: $45.95

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Breaking Into and Succeeding
as a Professional Matchmaker

66 Pages
Regular Price: $65.95
Sale Price: $45.95



Jennie S. Bev was named 2003 EPPIE Award finalist under Non-Fiction How-To category

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